Porter Berry Got Schooled

Most people don't know who Porter Berry is. Basically, Porter is a producer and all-around attack dog for Bill O'Reilly. See, since O'Reilly wouldn't dare soil his own delicate digits actually doing any real journalism himself, Bill sends Porter out to go after various targets deemed to be an enemy of Fox News. And such was the case this weekend at the National Conference for Media Reform held in Minneapolis.

Porter's target for the day was Bill Moyers, who was the keynote speaker at the conference. As Moyers was walking toward the exit of the conference, Porter pounced and attempted to ambush and argue Moyers into a corner about ...whatever issue was decided up on high by the Prince of Darkness himself.

However, poor Porter didn't realize just how out-classed he was until he was already neck deep into the conversation with the esteemed septuagenarian. And with the blows of pure, old-school, scrupulousness raining down on him, Porter reluctantly realizes that he is driving a golf cart in the Indy 500 of Journalism.

Here is Keith Olberman pointing out just how much of a journalistic smack-down O'Reilly's stormtrooper received at the hands of Moyers.

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