Obama Dispells Internet Rumors

Have you heard the one about Barak Obama's campaign being funded by Hugo Chavez and backed by the Ku Klux Klan? Or maybe you've heard that he is secretly a Muslim and will not recite the pledge of allegiance or wear a flag pin? Or the one that says he won't place his hand over his heart during the National Anthem and that he wants to change the song to "I'd like to teach the world to sing?"

Yeah, its all bullshit.

I'm sure you've received the emails at some point: Forwarded so many times that the text is squeezed to the far right margin, forwarded from your family, or a well-meaning friend.

In fact, there is so much dis-information being circulated about the presidential candidate that the Chicago Tribune reports that the Obama campaign has decided to take matters into their own hands:

The campaign this morning unveiled a web site, www.fightthesmears.com, devoted to countering damaging material it deems false. The site features campaign responses to rumors and asks supporters to upload their address books to email those rebuttals to friends, family and colleagues.

Of course, most people either delete these multi-forwarded junk emails or verify the information through the Urban Legends Reference Page, Snopes.com. But the Obama campaign feels the need to set the record straight directly, to help avoid anything that may damage their chances of winning the presidency.

"It's not enough to just know the truth, we have to be proactive and fight back," Obama campaign spokesman Tommy Vietor said.

Find out more by visiting the website here.

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