Fox News Apologizes for Being Idiots

A New York Times article points out all of the many apologies that FOX News has had to make recently.

The latest apology comes from a slip up in their graphics displayed during a discussion between columnist Michelle Malkin and the Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly. During the segment, the "Chyron" (which is a brand name for the on-screen graphics used) read “Outraged Liberals: Stop picking on Obama’s baby mama!”

The Oxford English Dictionary defines the term as one “chiefly in African-American usage” that refers to, “The mother of a man’s child, who is not his wife nor (in most cases) his current or exclusive partner.”


Earlier this week, FOX had to apologize for referring to a fist bump the Obama's did during Barak's victory speech as a "terrorist fist jab."


And they recently had to apologize about making a joke about assassinating the senator, which was similar to what Mike Huckabee did during a National Rifle Association gathering.

Oh those crazy cut-ups at FOX. hehe. All in good fun, you know.

For the record, Media Morgue would like to apologize for calling FOX news a bunch of right-wing, war-mongering, asshole yellow journalists.

OK, we dont really apologize for that.

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