“The Fall” Flirts and Romances this Moviegoer

Genres: Drama, Science Fiction/Fantasy, Adaptation and War
Running Time: 1 hr. 56 min.
Release Date: May 9th, 2008 (limited)
MPAA Rating: R for some violent images.
Distributors: Roadside Attractions
Directed by: Tarsem Sing

JJ Rating: A-

Roy Walker (Lee Pace) is a sad man lying in a hospital bed. Alexandria (Catinca Untaru) had a broken arm from a fall helping her mother work. Roy becomes interesting and tells stories. Alexandria loves stories and ends up visiting him everyday to hear him tell the story. Her imagination whisks her away from the hospital of 1920’s to far away places via the narration of her new found friend. The Fall.

The hype over Sex in the City was too much for me to care to see it, or want to see it. With the movie clocking in at two and half hours long I really couldn’t be bothered to see it. This is one of those times I’m glad I don’t have a girlfriend because I don’t think I could survive such an ordeal. I couldn’t just sit at home and not go see a movie. So I remembered hearing about The Fall and seeing the production photos and being intrigued.

I did not know that Lee Pace was in this film. I looked at the movie information but apparently it just didn’t sink in. So it was a nice surprise to see him because I miss “Pushing Daisies”. He is a good actor and in this film he does a fantastic job. His banter with the Catinca Untaru is amusing. There is even a part where they argue over the contents of a bottle and it sounded totally adlibbed. It was entertaining. The back and forth was like I imagine having a conversation with a young child would be. Seeing how I use to work with them I would imagine correctly. They actually had a couple of moments that seemed more real than scripted, especially the ending where she is asking him to finish the story.

The Fall has a tale within a tale and the within tale is visually stunning. The colors and the cinematography were phenomenal. It was rich and added more brilliance to a film that I had fallen in love with from the moment it started. The costumes were vibrant with unique style and flare. Each character was a match to what they were wearing for it showed off their personality accurately.

The director Tarsem Singh directed the film The Cell and that movie was creatively stunning and if one liked that film’s look they will also like The Fall’s look. He has one magical eye for fantastic fantasy visuals. It seems as if it’s done so effortlessly.

The story is rather simple. There is, however, a little kink in it. It’s not a kink that ruins the story it’s a kink that is within the story that is hinted at throughout the movie. Simply put it’s not just about him telling her a story. It’s about him coping with a loss he can’t seem to cope with.

I expected to like this film. I expected to be entertained by this film. I expected to see visually wonderful things. I got to see all of that and slightly more. I did not expect to love this film. I am probably not alone in that sentiment if Yahoo user reviews are to vouch for anything. It is a surprise sleeper hit, I believe. I can see that it could be nominated for set decoration, costume and cinematography.

The Fall is fantasy drama that has heart and unique style that makes it a diamond in the rough among the films that churn out the same old same old. It is not the same type of film that would be expected from a studio. It will please many people with it’s visual beauty and creative molding of the story that may have been told before, but not in the same manner and not with the same flare.

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