Entourage: The Movie

While doing PR for M. Night Shymalans terrificly terrible "The Happening," Mark Wahlberg mentioned this about the HBO series "Entourage:"

"We're doing season five right now. We're hoping for maybe three [or] four more seasons, and then maybe a film or two," he said.

"Obviously the Sex And The City success has opened up a window of opportunity there."

Interesting, but I dont know how worthwhile a project like that would be. Clearly "Sex and the City" had a much larger following and was on the air for a much larger time. I dont think the fan base is big enough to warrant an Entourage movie. Even if a film adaptation never surfaces, the hype surrounding a quote like that is enough to keep generating interest in the upcoming season of the show, and thats all that really matters for the time being.

If we find out anything more about this other than some fleeting, wishful-thinking comment, we'll let you know.

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patrick said...

maybe surprisingly, maybe not, i've heard a lot of good things about this flick word of mouth

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