"Brokeback Mountain" the Opera??

I know I shouldn't be surprised at the insanity that comes out of Hollywood, but this one just made me stop and shake my head.

Variety reports that the New York City Opera has commissioned Pulitzer-winning composer Charles Wuorinen to compose an opera based the short story turned film, "Brokeback Mountain."

An opera based on Brokeback Mountain. Seriously.

Wuorinen has written more than 240 compositions and in 1970, became the youngest composer to win the Pulitzer Prize for the electronic work "Time's Encomium."

Of course, the first question most people ask about this news is "Why do an opera based on Brokeback Mountain?" and I guess the answer has to be "because there is still money to be made off this story." Its still got a big following and an adaptation into an opera I guess makes sense somehow.

But really, that's a strange one.

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Spife said...

I was able to read the original short story and I must say it was quite dramatic and had a lot of movements in it, which I guess is one criteria they looked at to qualify it for an opera remake.

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