BREAKING NEWS: New Hannah Montana Film Set Gripped With Mundanity!!!

The Associated Press, using their considerable clout as the preeminent news agency for the world have officially reported that while on the set of the new Hannah Montana movie, absolutely nothing happened.

Oh sure, a projection screen caught some wind and fell against a ferris wheel that had a bunch of kids on it, but it didn't cause any damage, no one was injured and the kids were never in danger, but that doesn't stop the AP from issuing a press update detailing all of the first response emergency services that were not needed:

No local law enforcement agencies or emergency medical services reported being called to the set Tuesday in Robertson County, some 15 miles north of Nashville.

AP also made it a point to say that the business manager of Miley Cyrus (who plays Hannah) was not aware of the incident and was not returning any phone calls for comment.

Gosh, thanks for that incredible non-news item, fellas.

Tune in next week when Nova will produce a 12 part mini-series for PBS detailing and analyzing exactly "how the screen fell over."


OK, this makes a bit more sense, now.

"VandyVideo" from the Fark forums posted a link to a YouTube clip of the accident, but it has since been taken down. It looks like the projection screen is a pretty good size and was being held by a large crane. The wind caught it and it appears that at one point it smacked into the side of the wheel. Something that big crashing into a ferris wheel would have a lot more impact than what I was thinking was a standard 10 x 20' screen. No thanks to AP for not mentioning just how big that screen was.

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