Bravo Cooks Up More Cooking Shows

If last night's season finale of "Top Chef" left you both hungry (banana scallops and bacon ice cream? Oh yes please, you gastronomical freakazoid.) and perhaps a little sad that now you are left with only Gordon Ramsay's dim-witted donkeys to fulfill your culinary schadenfreude, fear not, fellow foodies.

Variety reports that Bravo has added two more reality cooking shows to its lineup.

The first show is an eight episode order for a "Top Chef Junior." Combining kids and cooking should make for an interesting show. At least I hope. Part of what makes "Top Chef" good is the fact that the show uses real chefs that know how to cook and the focus of the show is the quality of the food itself and not just the drama of watching stupid people stumble through a kitchen. Can Bravo keep that tradition up while working with children, or are we just going to see a bunch of pre-pubescent variations on Mac and Cheese and Spaghetti?

The second show currently has no title, but is labeled "Jean-Christophe Novelli Project." Novelli is a two time Michellin star winner and according to Variety, the eight episode show will follow Novelli as he moves to Los Angeles to run a cooking school.

No air dates have been scheduled for the two shows yet, but as soon as we find out anything, we'll report it here.

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