Weekend Box Office Recap

"Speed Racer" crashed and burned a lot harder than originally projected.

When we posted the box office totals for the weekend, we were using the numbers gathered from Sunday night, which is actually part of the studio's projections of how well they did for the weekend. The actual totals for the weekend dont show up till some time today. And when they did, it turns out that Warner Bros was just a wee bit off in their estimation of the Wachowski Brother's flick.

Off by about $1.6 million.

What this means is that although we originally reported that Speed came in second in this weekend's race, it actually came in THIRD, behind the romantic comedy "What Happens In Vegas."

We apologize for the fact that "Speed Racer" was even more of a disaster than originally posted.

Media Morgue has been following the development of this film since 2006. When I first heard what the Wachowski brothers were doing, I got excited. When I saw the Mach 5 unveiled at the Detroit Auto Show last year, I was drooling. When I heard that principal photography was wrapped, I was anxious.

But then I saw the trailer and was nauseas.

This overindulgent acid trip - a technological masturbation by the Wachowskis with too much money and a "look what I can do" thought in their collective brain made me think that their avant garde visual style would not have the kind of audience grasp that producer Joel Silver had hoped.

Once again, Hollywood fails to deliver something worthwhile as my childhood dreams smash into turn 4 at 200 MPH.

I had predicted that at best, the film would win the weekend simply because it was new. I was definitely wrong on this guess.

"Iron Man" dropped 50% from its previous weekend and still managed to beat out the new films.

Here's the tally from the weekend:

1 (1) Iron Man - $50,500,000
2 (new) What Happens in Vegas... - $21,200,000
3 (new) Speed Racer - $18,600,000
4 (2) Made of Honor - $7,600,000
5 (3) Baby Mama - $5,766,265
6 (5) Forgetting Sarah Marshall - $3,777,840
7 (4) Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay - $3,155,000
8 (6) The Forbidden Kingdom - $1,900,000
9 (7) Nim's Island - $1,325,000
10 (40) Redbelt - $1,140,227

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