Thar be Pirates on the Horizon!

Just because Johnny Depp isn't wearing the tricorn hat and staggering around the screen for Disney, doesn't mean that there aren't more pirate stories to be told.

Variety reports that Dreamworks has given the greenlight to a story about legendary pirate Edward "Blackbeard" Teach, with the script being penned by "Amistad" and "Gladiator" writer David Franzoni.

Blackbeard is considered to be the archetypal image of the seafaring pirate. He would weave pieces of smoldering cannon fuse into his long beard and hair to make him look more intimidating to his enemies. He would strap as many swords, guns and knives onto his belts as possible and despite stories of plundering merchant ships of their gold, jewels liquor and weapons, there is no reports of him actually killing anyone.

Variety says that the story of Blackbeard is going to have some good heads behind it as well:

Barry Josephson ("Enchanted") is producing alongside motivational speaker and former Philadelphia 76ers prexy/co-owner Pat Croce, who wrote "Pirate Soul," a book that chronicled the golden era of piracy, which spanned 1690-1730.

Croce also owns a pirate museum in Key West Florida.

Being somewhat of a fan of 18th century naval warfare (OK, I'm a geek on a grand scale, I know) I'm really looking forward to seeing what they can do to re-create the Queen Anne's Revenge (Teach's ship) in all its glory.

Its too early to speculate on director or cast yet, but as soon we find something, we'll post it here.

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Mike @ Celtophilia said...

Wow, that's pretty cool news, actually. Revealing my own colossal geekiness, I too am a sort of fan of naval ship of the line combat. Good to see that the success Disney had with PoTC has inspired the studios to give us more pirates.

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