Survivor Recap: Ice Cream BOY Goes Home

In a move that can only be described as "pussy blindness," 22 year old Erik Reichenbach let his "little head" get in the way of any logic and surrendered his immunity necklace to Natalie, thinking that a show of good faith would redeem him in the eyes of the final four women.

To which the women then summarily gutted him, tossed him on the fire and chuckled to themselves at how amazingly naive someone could be.

Erik now returns back to shoveling ice cream in Hell. Seriously, he's an ice cream store clerk in Hell, Michigan and has two cats named Furrball and Kittyfizzle. I couldn't make that up if I tried.

The big finale episode for this season of Survivor is on Sunday on CBS. We may or may not cover who wins. It depends on how hung over we are from the weekend.

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1stopmom said...

I could not believe this when I watched it. How could someone be so stupid? I thought James was the holder of the dumbest survivor reward for going home and have 2 immunity idols. But now the new holder is Ice Cream boy.

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