Survivor - Getting down to the wire

I don't normally write stuff about the crap on television, mostly because I actually don't get that much opportunity to watch that much television anymore. However, I've been a fan of "Survivor" since the end of the first season so this is one show I still watch regularly. I don't know what it is about it that keeps me tuning in each week. It's not the mentally-challenging games the contestants have to play, though it is fun to see just how convoluted they can get each week. I guess I would have to say that I enjoy watching all the conniving and quiet manipulation of the game by the players and I really enjoy watching people suffer in horrible conditions. Since I am a veteran of Burning Man for over 10 years, I usually laugh at the idiots when they can't make fire or can't build a shelter. Once you've lived on the playa, you feel like you could survive anything. So when I see these people laying on a beach, surrounded by coconuts and fish and complaining that they have nothing to eat, I just have to laugh.

But this season has actually been one of the more entertaining ones to watch. From the injuries and medical eliminations, to the conniving, double-crossing and backstabbing, and the fun of watching someone play a fake immunity idol has made this a fun season. Not to mention that this season was the "fans vs favorites" season, so its been even more fun to watch people who have talked a lot of trash online about how good they could be at the game, actually get their chance. So as we come down to the wire and the show parades out its campy last few episodes, lets break down the remaining five players and see where they stand in the game.

Natalie - She's played a good game, but is not thinking as smart as the other contestants. For the most part, she's going along for the ride, thanks to the teamwork of the other girls, but I think her time is up. My guess is that she will be the next to go if Erik ends up getting immunity again.

Erik - This guy has been riding the ragged edge the whole game. He started out as sort of the cute mascot of the stronger players, but ended up being in this bizzare coterie of women. To say he's got a big bulls-eye on the back of his shirt is an understatement and all the women have deftly marked him as the next to go. The only way he can save himself is to win every challenge from here on out. I also think that as the last of the fans to still be in the game, he will be the favorite when it comes to the jury. But there are only so many times you win before the odds fall against you. If he doesnt win immunity, he's gone and he knows it.

Amanda - all I can say about her is "great googly mooglie is that a beautiful woman!" a former model and miss...somethingorother, its amazing that she has managed to stay in it this long. Usually the cute ones get chewed up and spit out early, but she's still sticking with it and as long as she can keep her aliances, she's got a chance.

The flirt with the weird name. Honestly, Parv has played a solid game, but in back-stabbing her way to the final five, she's burned a lot of bridges with people that are now on the jury. Which means that her chances of being the winner of this game are slim and none.

Cirie I never would have expected Cirie to actually get this far in the game, but she has kept her mouth shut at the right times and managed to finagle her way into a real position of power. The game is all about "Outwit, outplay and outlast" and Cirie has showed that being physically capable is actually only going to take you so far. The guys with the big muscles and amazing skills at the challenges quickly become easy targets by the rest of the tribe and are picked off one by one, once their usefulness has been expended. Its the mental game that can carry you all the way to the final four and Cirie has played the game beautifully.

So who do you think will win the million dollar prize?

Post your comments below.

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J_Jammer said...

Final three, I think, is going to be Amanda, Cirie and Erik.

I think Nat (double meaning) will be voted out tonight. Then on Sunday Erik will win immunity again (most likely) and the girls will have to fight it'll be 2 vs 2 and I think Parv will go...but if they are thinking of winning they might vote for Amanda (Cirie and Erik) and send her home....if she loses the tie.

Out of the five that are left I think Parv and Nat and Erik are the least deserving to win the million. Amanda and Cirie deserve to get to the final three and if Cirie makes it she deserves to win...for she has played the best game out of all of them.

I hate flirts...they suck on this game. They don't do much but pretend to be doing something....annoying.

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