Sunday Morning Blasphemy: The Death of the Creme Egg

Because I consider the fondant-filled, chocolate covered confection known humbly as the "Cadbury Creme Egg" to be the closest thing to nirvana or heaven, or the utopian paradise of whatever dogma you choose, I consider this rube-goldberg contraption - incredibly well designed as it may be - to be utterly blasphemous:

There's a catchy little tune in there, though.


Vivienne said...

Oh my GOD! And I thougt I wasted too much time blogging. That must've taken weeks to engineer and build. Although astronomically clever, it's so wrong on so many levels. Cadburry eggs are precious orbs of lovejoy.

Deb said...


Free Plug said...

OMG!! what a poor egg!

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