Saturday Morning WTF: Amy Walker

This is an example of the power of the internet. About a week ago, no one in the world knew who Amy Walker was.

Now we know she's 25 and will resort to embarrassing herself on a global scale in order to show jaded casting agents that she's not just another actress trying to be discovered. At the very least, she's an actress that can cover a wide range of accents.

Who knew that people from California had a dialect?

Actually, the video has made the rounds, gone viral (been viewed on YouTube over half a million times) and Amy has been interviewed by NPR. I'm not sure how I stumbled across it, but in a drunken stupor, it might make you wonder what the heck is going on.

Does this mean that she's going to be listed by Time Magazine as one of the top ten internet videos of the year?


TripTheLady said...

that is the strangest thing i have ever watched.... can we say psychotic?

desperateblogger said...

whadda?! weird!

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