Robert Rodriguez continues to pimp his C-list, T&A actress wife.

As if placing his wife into the key position in the remake of "Barbarella" wasn't enough to make you roll your eyes, Robert Rodriguez pimps Rose McGowan out again.

To help her career along, (read: to get her any kind of work, since the studios don't seem to want to touch her with a rented stick) Rodriguez is giving her one of the lead roles of a new women-in-prison, exploitation-themed television program called "WOMEN IN CHAINS!" (including the exclamation point)

Rodriguez really seems to want to bring the grindhouse theme back into American culture. Its a fun, silly little ride, and it will be interesting to see how a genre like this can make in onto television sets.

According to Harry from Aint it Cool news, the producers are shopping the spec script around in hopes that the networks jump on it. I have to agree with Harry and feel that something like this would be really fun to see on a network like HBO.

Despite the obvious nepotism for an otherwise forgettable bimbo actress, I'd love to see what can be done to bring back this strange genre of entertainment.

As soon as I find out something else about this, I'll report here.

As always, stay tuned.

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Dave said...

If he's a director/producer who wants to further his girlfriend/wife's career then he's part of a longtime Hollywood tradition...whatever.

But if he wants to follow Marilyn Manson well...ewww. Nope. I'd need a stack of cash and a battery of recent medical reports.

Everybody makes mistakes but some people make doozys and become forever "bad decision makers." My advice? Avoid them and look with people with less problems.

Anyone wanna set the odds for when RR becomes bored with this bimbo?

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