O'Reilly's Improv Anxiety

Behold the teleprompter: an unforgiving, yet ubiquitous component of modern television. It can literally spell the difference between a newscaster and a cheap suit with nothing to say. It can be a real challenge when you spend most of your career in television working with such a device. It becomes a crutch: An easy tool that tells you what to say without having to formulate any kind of real thought of your own. A cheat sheet for someone who can't improvise.

Which appears to be the case in this out-take from an "Inside Edition" from several moons ago. It features a young Bill O'Reilly faced with the dilemma of having to come up with his own lines to close out the show. Apparently not something Billy's apparently used to doing.

But being the professional broadcaster that he is, Mr. O'Reilly delivers his fair and balanced commentary on the situation the producers have placed him in.

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Anonymous said...

what an incredible tool.

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