NBC Plans Ratings Plummet for "Late Night"

NBC made an official announcement that Jimmy Fallon will replace Conan O'Brien on "Late Night" some time next year.

AP reports that Fallon has been practicing for the role for a while:

"I've been doing a monologue in my living room the last three years and it was embarrassing," Fallon joked at a news conference.

Wonderful. I'm so glad the rest of the world will get the opportunity to see how embarrassing Fallon can be. If his "work" on Saturday Night Live is any indication, we can expect lots of flubbed lines, breaking character and Fallon generally acting like a jock in a high school talent show.

Stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

Jimmy Fallon...the guy is just not funny, I dont know how this guy even got on television. He has that same overused and washed up trendy new york personality that makes me change the channel.

The Judge said...

Jimmy defines the term "phoning it in." Its funny to see someone occasionally crack up at their lines on Saturday Night Live, but that doesn't give you a good personality. I think this is a terrible idea, but I also think that NBC is stuck and they are hoping that Fallon can at least TRY to be amusing.

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