Dog The Bounty Hunter Returns

I know that you have been wrought with anxiety over the fate of Duane "Dog" Chapman. As you may recall, last year Dog got into some hot water when he was taped making racial comments about his son's choice of girlfriend. You may also recall that it was the son that recorded the conversation, which he sold to the National Enquirer, caused a bit of a stir and was enough to have A&E suspend the production of the Hawaii-based show.

Well now it looks like all is well again and the publicity of that past Archie Bunker-esque moment has subsided enough to have A&E give the greenlight to resume production on the fifth season of "Dog: the Bounty Hunter."

The news was announced yesterday at what CNN calls "a carefully choreographed press conference" that featured Dog's family, A&E reps, and representatives from a civil rights organization.

Oh good. I was worried that I wouldnt get to see this freak on television any more. But since going to counseling about why he should never drop the "N-bomb" and speaking at an MLK day rally, Dog is a new man.

Or maybe its because A&E is desperate for ratings and Dog was one of the biggest things to come along in a while.
No such thing as bad publicity.


Modern Glam said...

The man is a neanderthal!

The Judge said...

And he loves every publicity-whoring second of it.

Nessa said...

OMG just when i thought TV was half-ass safe again!! How can A&E overlook the fact that the guy is a deadbeat dad made good? He's a freaking joke. I couldn't stand him from the word go, Wanted him gone the day he married his gf on the day his daughter was killed and i thought he deserved being dumped when he got busted showing his true colors. Now the creep is back. There's just no justice in the world.

The Judge said...

Marginal ratings trump justice any day.

Bryan said...

I guess this goes to prove that in the eyes of entertainment they'll forgive anyone for being a racist

angelsisty said...

Well,I love DOG, and forgiveness is something we all need to practice.Forgive and go on. Opening yourself up to such negative thoughts only opens a door for self destructive anger and behavior. I'm thrilled Dog is coming back,and I can't wait. And for all you perfect people out there that have never sinned, get off your self rightous rears and learn something about grace and love.

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