CONFIRMED: Bioshock Movie In the Works

Back in January we reported that there were stirrings in Tinseltown about doing a big screen adaptation of the Take-Two interactive's hit sci-fi game "Bioshock" and now it looks like those rumors have been confirmed.

Universal just announced that they will be putting the hit game on the big screen, with "Pirates of the Caribbean" director Gore Verbinsky to direct and produce. "Sweeney Todd" Writer John Logan is also in talks to write the screenplay.

According to Variety, Take-Two Interactive will be getting a multi-million-dollar advance against gross points on the pic, which is rumored to be the biggest game-to-movie deal since the planned, but then scrapped "Halo" deal in 2005 between Universal, FOX and Microsoft.

Take-Two head honcho Strauss Zelnick said that he structured the deal this way precisely to ensure that Bioshock doesn't go the way Halo did. "The reason I structured it the way I did is to make sure it gets made," he said.

The first-person-shooter game "Bioshock" was released at the end of Summer last year and received rave reviews and awards for its design. The blending of 30's and 40's art deco elements, with scientifically advanced technology gave the game a stunning, steampunk-ish look and an all around creepy, dont-play-it-with-the-lights-off feel.

With Logan writing the script and Verbinski directing, this has the potential to be a hugely successful movie.

Stay tuned and we'll add more to this as it develops

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Fitz said...

I have to say I've only played a little of the Bioshock demo. It was one of the eeriest settings I'd seen for a game since System Shock back in the 90s. Almost too eerie. The backstory should promote some interesting stories I would think for a movie. We'll hope so anyway

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