BREAKING: New Mummy 3 Teaser Poster

Here's the poster artwork for the new Mummy film. Click on the picture to go to the full size shot.
Here's the update, straight from Director Rob Cohen's blog:

The day has arrived that I can start showing you some of the film's advertising. Here for the first time in America is the teaser poster for our film. I hope you enjoy the image and that it stimulates your imagination of all the wonderful film moments that lie behind it. Plus, on Wednesday at midnight I will relaunch the design of this site with new photos, set designs and conceptual art drawings for your enjoyment.

As of now I have completed a little over 300 of 964 visual effects shots (I feel like I'm drowning) and it is all coming really well.

Starting May 27th I go to London to record Randy's score with the London Symphony Orchestra at Abbey Road, including traditional Chinese instruments, traditional Tibetan instruments, a choir, Buddhist monk chanters, and koto drum percussion. I will soon get back to you as to a debut date of the trailer.

For additional information go to Rob's blog to see more.

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Fitz said...

Kind of a freaky image. Maybe this one won't be as bad as the second one. But without Rachel Weisz it's going to be tough to accept. :)

The Judge said...

Cohen has really been blogging up a storm over this and saying its a fantastic shoot. I wonder if he's over-compensating or its really going to be a good flick.

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