Weekend Box Office Recap

The Jackie Chan and Jet Li flick "The Forbidden Kingdom" took the number one spot this weekend at the box office, bringing in $20.8 million, while Sarah Marshall came in second.

Al Pacino's flick "88 Minutes" didn't fare as well in the box office race and ended up coming in 4th, behind the bloodless slasher flick "Prom Night" in its second week of the run.

The biggest loser for the weekend is Keanu Reeves stinker "Street Kings," dropping an astounding 67% to go from second place to SEVENTH in its second weekend.

"Horton Hears a Who" is still clinging to the top ten and has so far made more money than any other film in the top 20.

And the big surprise for the weekend is Ben Stein's wanna-be Michael Moore, pro-creationism propaganda docu, "Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed," which made it into the top 10 to beat out George Clooney's "Leatherheads." I was initially surprised to see that this film did as good as it did, but I am beginning to think that the numbers are artificially-inflated, thanks to some help from religious organizations buying up blocks of tickets to hand out to their congregations, much the same way they did for "The Passion of the Christ." Stein and company encourage audiences to put their brains on pause and ignore solid, incontrovertible scientific fact, opting instead to have us believe that a man sitting in a golden throne in the clouds flicked his finger and created the world, and everything we know in seven days. This, of course, pleases churches, infuriates atheists and free thinking scientists and toes the Bush administration party line. But hey, anything to make a few bucks at the box office, right?

Here's the top 10 for the weekend.

1 (new) The Forbidden Kingdom $20,870,000
2 (new) Forgetting Sarah Marshall $17,347,600
3 (1) Prom Night $9,100,000
4 (new) 88 Minutes $6,800,000
5 (4) Nim's Island $5,650,000
6 (3) 21 $5,500,000
7 (2) Street Kings $4,000,000
8 (6) Horton Hears a Who $3,500,000
9 (new) Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed $3,152,896
10 (5) Leatherheads $3,021,840

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