Time Warner Starts Chopping Up New Line

The boulevard of broken dreams claims another victim.

Ever since the announcement this past February that New Line Cinema was going to be folded into Time Warner, we knew it was only a matter of time before the axe fell. Apparently, that time was yesterday, as Time Warner handed out pink slips to 450 employees from the former studio.

The job cuts leave NL barely a shell of its former self with a total of 40-50 employees remaining behind. Reports say that a few employees were offered jobs with TW, but the rest were kicked to the curb.

New Line will keep its production department and will still produce niche films like "Friday the 13th" and tentpole pics like "The Hobbit" but distribution of the films will now be part of Time Warner.

Such is life in the Hollywood machine.


DewKnight said...

It makes sense since most of those jobs already had somebody doing them in time warner. Hopefully new line still makes awesome movies

jtfmulder said...

I remember when New Line was a mostly crap company. They were like the American International Pictures of their day. They made drive-in fodder and other stuff that didn't cost much to make so it usually turned a profit. Nightmare on Elm Street and Ninja Turtles were paying their bills. New Line offices took up an entire floor of major office space.

So if I go to the "New Line" floor in the Pacific Theaters building on Robertson, what will I see? Will the production people get bigger office space?

The Judge said...

That's a good question. I havent been to the New Line offices in a couple of years, so I dont know who might be left. You can expect marketing to be long gone, though.

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