Saturday Morning WTF: A Caligula Remake?

There are a lot of things about this one that really make me say WTF out loud:

First off, there is a green MPAA banner in the beginning that says this trailer was approved for all audiences, yet there is now way in HELL this trailer was approved by the MPAA.

Second, the film stars a large number of notable actors and actresses, including Benecio del Toro, Hellen Mirren, Gerard Butler, Mila Jovovich and Courtney Love (who is more notable for being a terrible actress, but whatever).

Third, it's directed by Gore Vidal who wrote the original film done in 1979. Vidal later sued to have his name removed from the credits.

Fourth, IMDB says, "the film is stylized with the actors wearing modernized robes and Roman jewelry and females playing male characters and vice-versa."

There's also the music, which is lifted from the "Gladiator" soundtrack, the strange, stilted acting seen in the trailer and the location, which looks like someone's Roman-themed backyard.

Are they seriously kidding?

Apparently, they are.

As it turns out, this is not really a film they are actually making, but rather a short film made to look like a trailer.

I dont understand it, but it would be interesting to see this made, if for no other reason than to watch the MPAA censors' heads explode.

Watch the video (fair warning: its really NSFW)

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