“Run, Fat Boy, Run” Spatula Whack!

Genres: Art/Foreign and Comedy
Running Time:
1 hr. 37 min.
Release Date:
March 28th, 2008 (wide)
MPAA Rating:
PG-13 for some rude and sexual behavior, nudity, language and smoking.
Distributors: Picturehouse

Directed by: David Schwimmer

JJ Rating: B+

Dennis (Simon Pegg) was supposed to get married, but instead he decided to run away from his bride to wife. Years later he’s regretting his running. Then one day he goes to Libby (Thandie Newton), his ex, he gets introduced to Whit (Hank Azaria) the new guy. He finds out that Whit likes to run and is running in a marathon. Dennis says he’s going to run and he’ll finish. Run Fatboy Run.

I was entertained. This was the film that had the trailer that had me cringe every time I saw it. Simon Pegg was in the shortest of shorts and doing squats. When that part arrived I could not look still. I laughed, though, but looking was out of the question. I’m laughing now just thinking about how I couldn’t look. Plus drinking raw eggs, that’s just nasty. I can’t even being to imagine the taste that passes on to the tongue. Speaking of cringing and looking away, there is a scene with Hank Azaria that has him drop towel and talk to Pegg and the camera angles were funny, especially the last one. Dennis has to chase this ‘woman’ who snatched something from the store and it was one of the better scenes because it was so out there ridiculous what she does. And then there’s the scene with the nail and the foot. Explosion is all that needs to be said there.

Look this film is directed by David Schwimmer. You know Ross from “Friends”.

On a random note Picturehouse has an awesome icon presentation before the film. It’s neat. I like watching it.

I really liked all the characters that were in this movie. The actors all did a great job and they were fun to watch interacting with one another. Dylan Moran amused me. He played Gordon (on another random note I think Gordon is a cool dorky name) Dennis’s best friend and Libby’s cousin. He had very good line delivery and he has running gag that was another head shaker. Ha. Simon Pegg is fun to watch and he has that comedic talent that seems to come to him like breathing. He just does outrageous things. Hank Azaria was the right amount of pompous and condescension. Thandie Newton was cute and reminds me of a younger more wholesome Vanessa Williams. She has this subtle love thing she does that must have something to do with her good chemistry with, oddly, Pegg. Harish Patel and India De Beaufort played the father/daughter owners of the flat that Dennis rents, they were good and Patel was just loveable. He has great scenes where he has heart to heart with Dennis and it’s just nice. Matthew Fenton played Jake, Dennis and Libby’s son. He has a great toothless smile and he played well with both actors who were his parents.

I admit to laughing when the kids did derogatory things or said derogatory things, but I don’t find that at all appealing in a movie. I might buy the movie but because of that I’m going to have to pass it up. Children, to me, have this off limits thing where they are ‘pure’ and shouldn’t really be tainted because it ruins the validity of the film. That’s just to me and I don’t factor that into my grade, just into whether or not I would own the film.

Run Fatboy Run was a bit dramatic. It had the drama card and it played it and it worked. It was not an over stimulating dramatic rush but it was a good one for a comedy. Dennis wanted to do something and he always ran away and so he wanted to finish the race no mater what and that was the serious moment in the comedy. It was a touching moment as well.

Run Fatboy Run is not anything spectacular or had anything that stands out as something that will be remembered for times and half a time, but it was entertaining and that is what movies should be.

I, as I’ve stated before,I will not buy this film. I do recommend this film to those that like other Simon Pegg movies. I will state that it’s probably not nearly as good as those but it’s worthy. Run Fatboy Run! Spatula whack!

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