Movie Trailers: Opening This Weekend

Thinking about checking out a movie this weekend? April is traditionally a slow month for films since most studios will wait one month and throw their big stuff out at the start of the Summer season. However sometimes you can find a sleeper film that is worth seeing.

Here are the trailers and synopsis for each film opening today. One is PG, one PG-13 and one rated R. Clicking on the poster will take you to the official site for each one.

Nim's Island (PG)
Anything can happen on Nim's Island, a place where everything runs wild, especially imagination. Here, a feisty young girl named Nim, surrounded by her exotic animal friends and inspired by legends and books, leads an amazing tropical existence that mirrors that of her favorite literary character: Alex Rover, the world's greatest adventurer. When her island is threatened she reaches out to her hero for help.

But what Nim doesn't know is that the acclaimed author of the Rover books is, in fact, Alexandra Rover, a retiring, fainthearted recluse locked away in a big city apartment. Now, as Alexandra nervously ventures forth into the world and Nim faces the biggest challenge of her exciting young life, they must both draw courage from the fictional gallantry of Alex Rover, and find strength in one another to save Nim's island.

This movie is set against the backdrop of America's nascent pro-football league in 1925. Dodge Connolly is a charming, brash football hero who is determined to guide his team from bar brawls to packed stadiums. But after the players lose their sponsor and the entire league faces certain collapse, Dodge convinces a college football star to join his ragtag ranks. The captain hopes his latest move will help the struggling sport finally capture the country's attention. Welcome to the team Carter Rutherford, America's favorite son. A golden-boy war hero who single-handedly forced multiple German soldiers to surrender in WWI, Carter has dashing good looks and unparalleled speed on the field. This new champ is almost too good to be true, and Lexie Littleton aims to prove that's the case.

The Ruins (R)

Horror film about a group of tourists that enter ancient ruins while on holiday in Mexico.

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