Justice Department Sues FOX Broadcasting

The Justice Department is stepping in to play hired muscle for the bureaucratically pointless Federal Communications Commission, in order to collect $56,000 in indecency fines levied against Fox and Sinclair Broadcasting over the reality show "Married by America."

This all started when the censorship-loving, right wing puritan watchdog group the Parents Television Council got their panties in a bunch over an episode of the show that aired five years ago. The episode in question showed scenes of bachelor and bachelorette parties that were digitally blurred to carefully remove all of the potentially offending naughty bits.

Because as we've all been taught, blurring a nipple on an obviously naked female body is the perfect way to protect young, impressionable teenagers from turning to a life of drugs, spousal abuse and terrorism.

The original plan was for the FCC to fine every FOX affiliate for airing the show, but because of a change in policy, the FCC decided in February to only fine those TV stations in markets where people complained. And because the PTC failed to rally all of its naked-body Nazis to file a pre-written electronic complaint to the FCC, only 13 of the 169 markets were fined. Since then, an additional station was dropped because no one complained, while four stations have decided to just pay the fine.

Last month, the remaining FOX stations stated that the fine was "arbitrary and capricious, inconsistent with precedent, and patently unconstitutional," and decided that they weren't going to pay the extortion money.

This made the Parents Television Council very mad. How dare a broadcaster not obey their moral lapdog!

FOX has requested that the FCC review their decision to fine the stations, but the request was denied and instead, the FCC called in the Justice Department to play the part of the pipe-swinging money-collecting enforcers.

"It is long past time for the company to accept responsibility and pay its fines," said FCC mouthpiece Mary Diamond.

All of this is not over by a long shot and will continue to play out (at taxpayer's expense, of course) over the next few months.

I've run this video before, but every time I watch it, it makes me smile, and then get angry that a federal agency, paid for with our own governmentally-extorted money is being led around by the balls by a tiny number of ass-backwards, loud-mouthed, moralistically-pretentious puritans.

If you'd like to know what you can do to put a stop to a government agency telling you what to watch, visit Televisionwatch.org

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