JJ Abrams is Hot for Teacher

All the blogs are talking about this now and while I am not a fan of echoing what everyone else is already saying, I thought this was rather amusing:

Variety reported recently that "Cloverfield" and "Star Trek" director JJ Abrams is set to produce a "Superbad"-like movie called "Hot for Teacher," based on a spec script written by "Californication" supervising producer Jay Dyer. It's apparently the story of three high school boys who have a goal of having sex with their teacher before they graduate.

It amazes me that Abrams would want to ride the wave of success he had with Cloverfield straight into the gutter. With news stories coming out all the time about teacher/student relationships, do we really need a film that will glorify and make light of statutory rape?

Granted, I think we have all experienced at least one teacher in our youth that made our fantasies a little more interesting, and a coming-of-age comedy is always good for a few bucks at a box office around spring break, but hasn't this premise for a film been done to death already? Can't Abrams find something better to attach his name to than some lame-ass spec script penned by some glorified, TV sit-com hack?

Hollywood does not need more Judd Apatows. It needs more Hitchcocks, Speilbergs and Scorseses.

The only redeeming feature of this is that it will be entertaining to see JJ Abrams fly from the A-list to the "don't call us, we'll call you" pile.


Jennifer said...

I really find this very hard to believe. This sounds like classic Judd Apatow. If JJ Abrams wanted to change things up and try a new genre, why copy another currently successful director and take the low road?

The Judge said...

Its astounding the level someone will go to suck.

Brian said...

All I can say is "why?" I'm a JJ Abrams fan, or will be until I see the new Star Trek movie (hopefully not, but after the whole Star Wars prequels I'm a bit pessimistic about reinventing wheels). Why would he want to really kill his career like this?

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