Improv Everywhere: Best Game Ever

Improv Everywhere are the group that did the "Frozen Grand Central" video that became such a hit a while ago. They've also done synchronized swimming in a public fountain, a musical show based in a mall food court and several others.

This appears to be their latest prank. They visited a little-league baseball game and made the kids feel like it was a major league game, complete with an NBC Sports jumbotron, screaming fans, hand painted signs, and even the Goodyear blimp.

Bravo to these guys:


~Kat~ said...

Loved it! That made my day. I am beginning to love Improv Everywhere. How do I get them to come to my town?

Adam said...

Hi there!
I love this blog! I have reviewed The Media Morgue in The Club Crawler
The review will go live later today!
Sorry would have mailed you but didn't see a link for that!

Keep up the awesome work!

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