Hollywood's First Quarter Recap

At the end of the first quarter. Hollywood is happy, but still a little concerned.

The film industry made a record $2.1 billion at the box office for the first three months of the year, which is 1% more than what it did in 2007 and 7% more than 2006or 2005. However a lot of skeptics (myself included) think that this has more to do with the fact that ticket prices have been raised, rather than more people going to the movies.

Add to that, that this year, several films have totally missed the mark - which is to say that they stunk to high heaven and audiences ignored them like a homeless guy that smells of urine.

Most notable was Will Ferrell's smelly floater "Semi-Pro" which circled the drain and grossed $33 million domestically before finally being flushed out of the theaters. It was the worst opening for any Ferrell film. By comparison, last year's Ferrell flick, "Blades of Glory" made the same amount of money in its opening week. Maybe people are finally catching on that seeing Will do the exact same schtick in different films is not as entertaining as they expect. Perhaps Mr. Ferrell is not the big cash cow the studios had originally thought.

With few exceptions, the majority of films opening year to date have none of the long term appeal that studios want. "Cloverfield" opened huge, but dropped quickly once people finally got through the viral marketing hype for this shaky-cam monster flick. And Roland Emmerich's "10,000 B.C." which had a lot of hype associated with it based on Emmerich's success with "The Day After Tomorrow" ended up only sucking eggs, infuriating scientists, and annoying audiences. Warner Brother's attempt to repeat the succes they had last year with "300" failed miserably with this history-altering coprolite (fossilized feces).

It is hoped that the second quarter of 2008 will bring big numbers to the box office, however don't expect anything revolutionary anytime soon. April is traditionally a slow month for any kind of worthwhile film, since most studios save their big guns for next month which kicks off the Summer movie season.

We've done a detailed look at this year's Summer movies, and I personally think that this Summer might actually have a few films worth seeing (however I still think "Speed Racer" is going to suck). It's possible that Hollywood may get the percentages it wants to see, despite a crushing recession and astronomical ticket prices.

What films interest you? What do you think about the movies you've seen in the first three months of this year? Leave your comments and let me know.


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The Judge said...

Thanks for that! We'll most-likely have reviews of all the films released this weekend, along with a preview of next weekend's stuff sometime next week.

We also try to cover other stuff like Hollywood deals, speculation, rumors and anything we think relates to the insanity of Hollywood.

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SizzlingPopcorn.com Admin said...

I agree that the increased revenue is generated from increased ticket prices.

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