Hollywood News: Yet Another Spoof Movie in the Works

Just when you think that the producers of "Meet the Spartans" and "Epic Movie" have hit the bottom of the barrel when it comes to spoof movies, they have found a way to dig even lower.

Writer/directors Jason Friedberg & Aaron Seltzer have decided to give the dead horse genre a few more whacks, as Moviehole has the scoop on what the film will (vaguely)be about:

“Goodie Two Shoes” will – not that a stratagem will come into it much, if at all – tell of a “group of friends who go on a life-changing adventure”. Apparently the main jokial thrust of this one will be ribbing films like “Superbad” (So, you’ll have someone playing a ‘McLovin’-type, someone playing a pudgy smart-ass a’la Jonah Hill, an actor doing Michael Cera’s reserved dork). But, of course, and not unlike every other spoof film of the past couple of years, everything will be fair game.
Seriously, these two guys need to have their director's chairs broken over their heads. ANOTHER spoof movie? And spoofing "Superbad?" Is Lionsgate really that desperate for something to put on theater screens? Because at this point, in light of the lack of success of similar spoof films, it's safe to say that most audiences would get more entertainment out of the on-screen advertising that plays before the trailers even roll.


SizzlingPopcorn.com Admin said...

I agree with you that all these spoofs are just plain nonsense but I remember that Meet The Spartans and Rambo came out the same week and Meet The Spartans came in a shocking first place at the weekend box office.

The Judge said...

You are correct. "Meet the Spartans" beat out "Rambo" on its opening weekend (Jan 25th) by a mere $300,000.

In the second weekend, it dropped 60% and wound up in 4th place, after the Hanna Montana movie came out.

As I recall, the film was also not reviewed by the press before it was released (which is a tactic usually done when a studio is releasing a film they know is going to bomb). This tells me that Spartans initial success had more to do with the studio's hype than the fact that it was a movie worth seeing.

As it sits right now, Meet the Spartans has a rotten tomato rating of 2%, which also happens to be the current rating for "Epic Movie" which was Friedberg & Seltzer previous project.

Based on that track record, and the fact that spoof movies have seriously worn out their welcome in theaters, I am fairly certain that their next effort is going to be even worse.

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