Hollywood News: Weekend Box Office Recap

"Baby Mama" was the big winner at the incredibly slow box office this week, taking in only $18 million in 2,500 theaters. Second place went to Harold and Kumar, and the third opener (as we predicted) barely made it onto the top 10 with $2.2 mil.

The biggest sinker this week was the Ben Stein doc, "Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed" which dropped 53.5% to fall to thirteenth place in its second week in the box office.

Here's the tally for the top 10:

1 (new) Baby Mama $18,271,455
2 (new) Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay $14,570,000
3 (1) The Forbidden Kingdom $11,230,000
4 (2) Forgetting Sarah Marshall $11,014,065
5 (5) Nim's Island $4,525,000
6 (3) Prom Night $4,400,000
7 (6) 21 $4,000,000
8 (4) 88 Minutes $3,600,000
9 (8) Horton Hears a Who $2,410,000
10 (new) Deception $2,225,000

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