Hollywood News: Weekend Box Office Recap

Well, our prediction that "21" would hold on to the first place position was apparently defeated by the fact that movie audiences are starved for entertainment, no matter what the price may be.

The Sony pictures PG-13 horror film "Prom Night" hacked and slashed its way to the top spot over the weekend, clearing $22 million in sales. This was followed by Keanu Reeves trying to be a badass cop in "Street Kings," which made $12 million.

"21" took a respectable third spot at $11 million and dropped only 28% from last weekend.

Meanwhile, George Clooney's "Leatherheads" tanked hard in its second weekend at the box office, dropping 51% to finish 5th. But the big sinker this time around appears to be "The Ruins" which fell an astounding 59% from its opening week. The horror flick finished just below newcomer "Smart People" which suggests that silly romantic comedies are not the bread and butter they used to be.

Here's the top ten for this weekend.

1 (new) Prom Night $22,700,000
2 (new) Street Kings $12,000,000
3 (1) 21 $11,000,000
4 (2) Nim's Island $9,000,000
5 (3) Leatherheads $6,207,040
6 (4) Horton Hears a Who $6,000,000
7 (new) Smart People $4,200,000
8 (5) The Ruins $3,250,000
9 (6) Superhero Movie $3,114,000
10 (8) Drillbit Taylor $2,070,000


SizzlingPopcorn.com Admin said...

I think you also have to consider that Prom Night was in a wide release while Smart People was only in limited theatres. That why there's a big gap!

The Judge said...

You're right. Smart People played in 1,100 theaters, while Prom Night played in 2,700 theaters. However Smart People only had a $3,700 per screen average while the stupid slasher flick and an $8,400 average. I still think the Denis Quaid flick was not as good as it could have been and people are starting to get tired of the genre. (at least I hope so)

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