“Forgetting Sarah Marshall” Same Old Same Old

Genres: Comedy
Running Time: 1 hr. 52 min.
Release Date: April 18th, 2008 (wide)
MPAA Rating: R for sexual content, language and some graphic nudity.
Distributors: Universal Pictures Distribution

Directed by: Nicholas Stoller

JJ Rating:

Peter (Jason Segel) was dating the famous actress Sarah Marshall (Kristen Bell) and then…ohnose…they break up. Tear. So he has to get over her, forget her and what does he do? That’s right he goes to Hawaii and low and behold she’s there too…Forgetting Sarah Marshall.

No to Jonah Hill’s part. NO, NO, NO. He is the MAIN reason I had to lower my grade for this movie. His character was pointless and the ONLY good thing that came out of his character was the one line that was not even from him but directed towards him by Aldous Snow (Russell Brand). That line was funny. It’s hard to decide if it was worth having such a worthless waste of time character on the screen or not just for that line. Well the only reason I liked it was because I couldn’t stand his character so I guess I could do without either.

Male nudity is never as eloquent as a female and neither is needed but one is better than the other because one looks like butterfly wings and the other looks like an elephant’s trunk (size excluded just the look). What would you rather look at: butterfly wings or an elephants trunk? It was funny to have the camera cut to see Jason Segel in all his glory and funny because it was so unexpected. Then it was just done over and over again and each time it was just like, please stop, I’m going to cry now. Molested via eyes is never a good thing.

Other comedic moments mainly happen with Russell Brand as Aldous Snow the singer who is like an aloof wit. He was my favorite. So out there and yet biting when he became mad. He had the comedy moments, along with Paul Rudd and his surfer character Chuck who had the memory for who he met like a goldfish. Kristen Bell even had some great moments. Bill Hader funny man in a dry humor kind of way. Jason Segel was alright. His character was really boring and whinny and I just didn’t care. He had his moments, I’m sure, I just don’t remember many of them. And then there is Mila Kunis and she just is hot and hot and hot and did alright good.

Kunis and Segel had zero chemistry. Every time they had a scene together it was more like she was being kind to him because she felt sorry for what had happened to him so publiclym and not because she actually liked him; not even when that eventually became not the case. It just didn’t work.

There were good scenes and as I said they mainly happened when Russell Brand was around. So if you see the movie you will be pleased and laugh more so when he’s on the screen, because he just has that character that has the ability to get something going in a movie that just lasted too long for it’s own good. Comedies, as I’ve stated before, should only be 1 hour and 30 minutes. Any longer and it’s just begging to be hated. I may be mistaken but I can’t think of a single comedy that lasts longer that works well enough to be funny the entire time. Those that are-are a hybrid, so a Dramody.

The story was so done before, that it was boring to watch it unfold. Of course the saving grace were the secondary characters, otherwise the film would just be so yawn worthy. The comedy is raunchy and that is just mind numbing. I laughed because I get things and it’s funny, but really how funny is it going to be a second time or a third time? I think raunchy comedies loose their humor because the shock and the surprise are dead and gone. Of course this is coming from someone that loves the Jackass movies so what do I know?

I don’t like total hierocracy in statements that have to do with OMG you slept with someone, ONE someone? Oh no. While he slept with lots of someone’s that get into double digits. That was an aggravating thing for me.

Forgetting Sarah Marshall is just like the title suggests, it’s forgettable. This is not a film that people will remember a year from now or even past summer. As cliché sounding as that is, I believe it to be true. Bigger movies are going to come out and this one will be forgotten, while movies like Expelled: No Intelligences Allowed will get less money but be forever remembered just because of the emotional response it has been getting. They need to start coming up with better ideas than rehashing ideas that have been done before or at least be creative with what they have to work with. Different characters, maybe? Because if I see another Judd Apatow movie with Jason Segel and Jonah Hill should I be happy that they’ll just, most likely, be doing the same movie with a different title?

I won’t buy this movie. Once I’m done with writing this I won’t talk about it again. There are no scenes that I can go, “REMEMBER THIS….” I’m sick of all this comedy muck that have to use words that rhyme with such and pretend that it’s funny in hopes it gets a laugh. Where are the satires and dark comedies that have potential to live past adolescents and into classic?

4 of 4 movies I saw.

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