Environmental Impact on Dumping the Analog Signal

Broadcasting and Cable reports that the analog TV switch off next February will have minimal environmental impact.

I also hear it will have no trans fats.

Apparently, the majority of analog televisions will be recycled, donated or re-used in some way, so that they wont just clog up landfills.

Personally I think this is a bullshit story. The problem isnt the television itself, the problem is that the government decided to make this plan happen, yet have botched the execution of it to the point that millions of people are going to be without television altogether.

I've reported about this ad-infinitum at this point, (and expect more as we get closer to next Feb) but the real issue is that people who live a distance away from the TV tower or watch local low-power TV are going to be hosed. The converters that they have initially been selling to get people to be ready wont pass the analog signal, which will kill low-power TV stations, and there is still a major percentage of people that still dont realize that in about 10 months, they will have no television signal.

But yea...it wont have a significant environmental impact. That's wonderful.

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Anonymous said...

government botches everything..where I live they put in a disposal station for computers and TV's which is the only place you can take them..it's open 10 a.m. to noon and 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. Monday to Friday.. so if you work for a living you have to take time off to dispose..which is why if you look behind the grocerstore the dumpster is full of computer monitors..

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