Brazil bans Bully

The Associated Press reports that the videogame "Bully" has been banned in Brazil because it is too violent.

Personally, I think they should ban the game because its just a stupid game.

The game, created by Rockstar Games and released last year is a sandbox style game, where the player can more or less play the game in a logical, level by level manner, or choose to just wander around the virtual world and do whatever they want. The story centers around Jimmy Hopkins, a disfunctional, freckle-faced punk who gets dumped into boarding school when his mom and stepfather go on a year long honeymoon. Young Jimmy learns how to deal with school bullies, while also developing his own skills at beating up people, taunting, and appologizing to authorities to get himself out of trouble.

Weapons available at Jimmy's disposal include baseball bats, stink bombs, and bags of marbles that can be used to get away from people chasing the character, however, there isnt any on-screen blood and no characters actually die during the game.

I've played the game for all of about an hour and while at first glance the game seems interesting, after a while it becomes annoying. Mini games (little puzzles or press-this-sequence-of-buttons challenges) dot the game-play as Jimmy grows in power so that he can walk around and beat up other, tougher opponents.

The game appears to use the same engine and graphics as Rockstar's other controversial game series "Grand Theft Auto" but does it without any real purpose or point. Sure its fun to pick out a kid from the crowd, beat the crap out of him and run away from the school prefects without getting caught, but after a while, it just gets boring and ultimately I lost interest in wanting to advance to the next level, where I assume you get to beat up bigger opponents.

According to the AP article, there was no immediate comment by Rockstar about the banning of the game in Brazil, which was requested by a local youth center.

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I agree with you! The game sucks! Why bring something like GTA into the school-yard? It just increases bullying in schools as kids think they can re-enact what they see on screen without any consequences.

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