“Under the Same Moon” Child Abandonment 101

Genres: Art/Foreign, Drama and Politics/Religion
Running Time:
1 hr. 49 min.
Release Date:
March 19th, 2008 (limited)
MPAA Rating:
PG-13 for some mature thematic elements.
Fox Searchlight Pictures, The Weinstein Company

Directed by: Patricia Riggen

JJ Rating: C+

Mommy leaves child go to another country to send back money instead of love. Little boy wants love so he leaves his home to go find mommy in the other country. Under the Same Moon.

Have you ever had an opinion shoved down your throat until you wanted to gag and run away? That’s what the first half of this movie does. It doesn’t even bother trying to do it subtly, nope; it out right shoves the political refuse down the viewer’s throats. Now those that don’t have a problem with it are those that already agree with it and say “amen” or “right on” to every single thing that was going on. Nothing that it offered to share was remotely worthy of sharing or even, for that matter, heartfelt; as in someone who has never been through such a thing would actually feel sorry for those that are going through it.

Under the Same Moon suggest that America is evil for not allowing Mexicans, who are not citizens, to live in their country and take money and not pay taxes to send back to their families. They even make fun of America the place they crossed the border to get to. It’s highly hypocritical and disgusting at best. If you read this and it bothers you then you can understand how I felt when I saw the movie (as in what I’m saying bothers you because you, just as I, don’t want to have someone’s views shoved down our throats when all we want to do is be entertained).

So the first half of the movie SUCKS political coconuts, which brings me to the acting. Kate Del Castillo plays Rosario who is the mother. Every single scene with her is heart-lacking and an emotional void. She lacks any connection to anyone on the screen and certainly lacks connection with the child who is supposed to be her son. The best acting is done by Adrian Alonso who plays Carlos Reyes who is the son. He is hope in this movie and he represents it well. He has more chemistry with Eugenio Derbez (who plays Enrique the man he travels with to find his mother) than he does with Kate Del Castillo. Alonso and Derbez are a dynamic duo together. They bicker well, they bond well, they have those silent moments well and they are more like family than anyone else that played Alonso’s family.

Most of the movie is drab and a bit melodramatic, but there are parts that are touching and they are mainly when it’s between Alonso and Derbez. If the movie was more like their scenes it would have been 100% better. There is no need to drench a movie in unnecessary political views that are politically retarded to begin with. I wish there was no need for borders between Mexico, America and Canada; but because of taxes and fairness of life there has to be. If they want me to sit there and view this movie and feel sorry for their plight than the poor American family that pays their taxes in hopes to benefit their children but instead benefit illegals more; they have another thing coming. Oh sorry more shoving of my view. It does get old doesn’t it?

My favorite scene is when Alonso and Derbez are working and then they start singing along with a song on the radio. It’s so awesome how it turns into a contest and an argument by using the words of the song. It has to be one of the best scenes I’ve seen in a while.

The foreshadowing is too blunt and makes the movie less fun because it’s so apparent what’s to happen at the end. I didn’t like how all the characters were so bland and boring and only two were worth the time, but those two did not take up the majority of the film as they should have. The ending was not heartwarming but the bit before the ending was. Before he finds his mother that part is more touching than when he does find his mother. Though I have to say the moment that he sees his mother is a tad exciting, but would have been more so if there was more chemistry between the two.

I don’t want it and I certainly would not recommend this to anyone unless they were a strong advocate allowing a mass exodus from Mexico should border no longer be a border.

Under the Same Moon is far too pretentious to be considered anything but that. It sang to the choir while it berated anyone who wasn’t. Plus if everything was stripped from the film that had any political value, race value, as well as the countries, this movie would be aptly titled Child Abandonment 101.

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Jillian said...

Haha, and I almost went to see this. Thanks.

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