Trying to Keep the Lights On

What Would Riggins Do?  Save Friday Night Lights!

The site Best Week Ever has started a campaign to encourage NBC to keep "Friday Night Lights" on the air, even going so far as to list a top 5 reasons why the peacock people should keep the lights on. While the BWE article does have a few points, I'm willing to lay down good money that NBC is going to do whatever the Hell NBC wants, and they are certainly not going to listen to a grassroots campaign to keep a foundering show on their network.

One of the BWE reasons is "Ratings aren't everything" I think NBC would beg to differ.

NBC has dropped the new Dennis Miller-hosted game show "Amnesia" into FNL's former Friday night timeslot and has seen impressive numbers, which has out-performed the ratings for every episode of FNL's ratings in the timeslot.

In an article posted Feb 20, Variety reported that NBC and Universal were discussing the possibility of putting the show on another network, much the same way they did with "Law and Order: Criminal Intent." However, nothing new has been reported about this idea and with "Amnesia" bringing in better numbers right now, the idea may be dead.

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