Small TV Stations Sue FCC

The analog to digital clusterfuck continues.

We've been reporting about the upcoming demise of analog television. Less than 11 months from now, all broadcasters will shut down their analog television transmitters so that the so that the FCC can re-allocate the analog frequencies for other uses.

However, part of the FCC regulation states that television translator stations (sort of like a repeater for weak signals far away from the tower) and low power TV stations will continue to transmit in analog.

The problem with this is that the converter boxes that the FCC has been hoping and praying people buy in order to continue to receive signals doesn't allow any analog television signals to pass through them. Which means that if you are located outside of a TV stations normal "city grade" signal strength or if you watch any one of the 2,600 low power TV stations around the country, on Feb 18, you will not receive TV.

With no viewers and no money to convert to a digital signal, low power TV will be completly out of business. reports that the Community Broadcasters Association, which represents the owners of those low power stations have filed a petition with the US Court of Appeals asking the FCC to prevent the distribution and marketing of the converter boxes:

The association cited a 1962 law called the All Channel Receiver Act which was adopted during the early years of UHF broadcasting. The law requires that
devices that receive television signals be capable of picking up "all frequencies allocated by the commission to television broadcasting."

"The dire consequences for such stations — effectively a death sentence — will be irreparable through any available administrative or judicial remedy," it reads.

For more information about this death sentence for low power TV, and the quagmire that the FCC has created for broadcasters and viewers visit Community Broadcasters Association's website (which ironically is listed as "")

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BoBo said...

Leave it to the government to continue to screw sh!x up! Plus..they are giving people coupons to pay for the upgraded converters out of our tax dollars? I hope these small stations prevail..if for one thing tell the government to get the hell out of our bizness!

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