“Semi-Pro” Rhymes with Semi-NO!

Genres: Comedy and Sports
Running Time:
1 hr. 30 min.
Release Date:
February 29th, 2008 (wide)
MPAA Rating:
R for language and some sexual content.
Distributors: New Line Cinema

Directed by: Kent Alterman

JJ Rating: D-

A basketball player in a minor league (Will Ferrell) wants to be a pro but can barely come close to it no matter the amount of antics that he goes about doing. Semi-Pro.

I’m going to keep this really simple because I gave it a low grade and I don’t feel like giving it more time than it surely doesn’t need. There were funny moments. There were not a lot of them but there were some of them. One of them has to do with seahorse, flamingo and sun costumes.

It was just silly that it was funny and one of the best parts of this very badly put together movie. The rest of the movie was like a bunch of trash canned skits that were part of some Saturday night fun time. Semi-Pro did what was not necessary. It would jump over the line constantly but what was not consistent was the humor. Cross the line, ok but at least make it funny because it is a comedy.

There were many things that just were sad attempts at humor but failed and slammed into the ground like a deflated basketball, which was in one scene with Woody Harrelson. There was so much raunchiness that it was overbearing and done in a manner that was uncomfortable and perfect representation of Hollywood puke that is now passing as a movies that they decide to put on the big screen instead of straight to DVD.

I should have known because the trailers were not at all funny and did not really show anything because they had to take the clean bits and there aren’t a lot of those; so they are left with crap to show. But that’s surely is a reflection of the movie as a whole: crap. The trailers were nothing special and neither was the movie. That’s why Semi-Pro gets a big fat semi-NO minus the semi! And I won’t bother going on and on about how I’m disappointed with Ferrell and think that if he doesn’t start to make better movies he’ll get really tiring soon; or maybe that’s already happened.


Who We Are said...

Very disappointing movie, I laughed at the bear stuff but he did that shtick in Talledega Nights. I think Step Brothers is gonna be more of the same junk too.

sir jorge said...

i liked it as a sports movie, more than i did as a comedy

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