Saturday Morning WTF: the SXSW edition

While most of the movie blogging world seems to be working hard right now burning off that ceremonial "first night of SXSW hangover", your intrepid editor in chief and grand poobah is hard at work scouring the intrawebs for silly crap to place in our "Saturday (and sometimes Sunday) morning WTF" post. Thankfully, I came across this video, which is a spoof on the Muppets version of "Manamana" which, in itself, is a spoof on the 60's pop song by Piero Umiliani.

So here is the spoof of Manamana, done with characters from World of Warcraft, using leetspeak instead of the regular, nonsensical lyrics:

Thanks to YouTube, where anyone can do something stupid and become an internet star, there is also a version of the song done by a guy wearing latex masks. Hoping to get lots of views for his video, he described it as, "Latex Mask Show Hilarious Old man Svedala Carmen Electra Pamela Anderson porn zombie 90 dance 666" Which I think is just funny in itself.

I'm not going to link to the other video just to spite him.

Enjoy your hangover, fellas.

1 comment:

Michael said...

No idea why that was so freakin' funny, but I loved it. Seriously makes me wonder if I need therapy.

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