Oh god, is that the sun coming up?

This is the Sunday post.

Sure I could use some pseudo-creative pun to tell you that "21" was the big winner at the Box Office on Friday and will probably win the weekend. Especially since the early reports are that the other films suck week old easter eggs.

I could mention that the SAG and AFTRA have voted to negotiate contracts seperately from now on.

I could mention that Kim Kardashian knows more about football than I gave her credit for.

I could talk about how obvious it is that kids like Milie Cyrus.

I could even mention that there is a new Indiana Jones trailer out that all the fanboys are giddy over.

But frankly, I spent last night drinking 12 year old scotch and hanging out with my inner circle of friends and I am surprised that I am even awake at this moment.


Mo said...

I could tell you that was a fun, interesting post, but my sprained foot hurts too bad right now.
Thanks for having Captured By Gravity in your Entrecard spot today!

DineometerDeb said...

That's a fairly coherent post for being intoxicated.

I am shocked that you are not able to spell Miley Cyrus' name correctly.

The Judge said...

Well I wasnt so intoxicated, just really really tired at that point.

I could have spelled Miley's name correctly, if I had cared even the slightest about it. But thanks for the correction!

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