Movie Trailers: Opening This Weekend

Thinking about seeing a movie this weekend? Below are the trailers and synopsis for three films opening in theaters starting today. Clicking on the film's poster will take you to the official website for that film.

Meet the Browns
A single mother living in inner city Chicago, Brenda has been struggling for years to make ends meet and keep her three kids off the street. But when she's laid off with no warning, she starts losing hope for the first time -- until a letter arrives announcing the death of a father she's never met. Desperate for any kind of help, Brenda takes her family to Georgia for the funeral. But nothing could have prepared her for the Browns, her father's fun-loving, crass Southern clan. In a small-town world full of long afternoons and country fairs, Brenda struggles to get to know the family she never knew existed...and finds a brand new romance that just might change her life.

Drillbit Taylor
This comedy is about 3 kids that hire a bodyguard to protect them from the school bullies.

Not much of a synopsis, I know. But what more really needs to be said? This looks like a modern re-telling of the 1980 film "My Bodyguard." Only this one is supposed to be funny and stars Owen Wilson.


Remake of a Thai horror film in which a couple see mysterious figures in the photographs they take.


Jillian said...

OK, so I totally want to see "Meet the Browns". It looks silly and heartwarming and all that good muchy stuff. And this is weird, because generally I'm not a Tyler Perry fan. Have you seen an Ep of his sitcom, "House of Payne"?... wow, horrible acting with spontaneous moments of accidental comedy.

I will pass on the other two films. I can't handle horror films anymore, my imagination is just too wild.

Now, I like Owen Wilson, but I don't think he can carry a movie, ya know? It seems like he needs someone to feed off of. Also, it just doesn't look funny.

The Judge said...

Drillbit Taylor has been getting terrible buzz. Recycled jokes from Superbad, stupid plot and it sounds like Wilson phoned it in.

Not interested in Hollywood's attempt to Americanize foreign horror movies, which may have worked for The Ring, but has failed miserably everywhere else.

And I am not a huge fan of Tyler Perry's stuff. The trailer was a total turn off for me.

So this weekend, I plan on hanging out with friends and enjoying the fact that I am not working. Thats about it.

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