Is Dirty Harry Back?

MORE UPDATES: see below

Is the man with the most powerful handgun in the world (at the time) back with a vengeance?

Or not. We're not really sure.

As we reported yesterday, Clint Eastwood has announced that he is going to direct and star in two films that will be released this year. One is called "Changling" which is a child abduction drama.

The other one, is called "Gran Torino." And as of yesterday, no one seemed to know anything more about the film other than the title and its scheduled release date (Dec 1st).

But the guys at IESB got an email this morning from someone who claims that "Gran Torino" might be the resurrection of Dirty Harry.

Yes, folks. DIRTY "Go ahead, make my day." HARRY.

Click below for the email.

I recently advertised my 1974 ford grand torino classic original for sale in the local here, and within 24 hours had someone from Village Roadshow Pictures interested in having a look at it. He came. He wasn't interested for numerous reasons (probably the modifications). He told me they were looking for the right car for a new Clint Eastwood movie.

He said it was a thriller about a killer that drives a certain torino. His 1972 Ford Gran Torino is the only thing the police have on him. A retired police lieutenant, one Harry Callahan, makes it his mission to track down the culprit when two young police officers, one Callahan's grandson, are shot and killed by the guy.

So there you have it.

Hope that

On with the show,

Kurt, North Hollywood

As with everything one hears on the internets, you really have to take this with a grain of salt. Its entirely possible that this was a diversionary tactic sent by someone in Eastwood's camp to throw people off the scent.

But if its true....Holy CRAP would that be cool!

UPDATE 3/21: Either IESB is copying the information that was originally posted over at Aint It Cool News, or someone sent both sites an email telling the same story. This leads me to think that maybe there isn't much truth to this rumor and it's just someone shopping around an idea? I don't know.

Still, it hasn't stopped the other media outlets from picking up on the story. Ireland Online has posted an article saying as much, Cinematical suggests the rumor, New York Magazine says the same and the UK's Sun Tabloid
said its a done deal, claiming they have a source that has details:

An insider said: “Clint sees this as his final action film.

“He’s looking forward to playing Harry again. But it’ll be realistic — he’ll be an old man.”

However, FilmJerk says it aint so and explains why:

The hot rumor is that a killer is riding around in a Gran Torino, and the now-retired Harry Callahan is on a mission to track down the culprit, as one of the victims was Callahan's cop grandson. What do we know about Dirty Harry Callahan? We know that Harry was once married, but she was killed by a drunk driver, and never once in the five films in the series was there ever a mention of a child. So, all of a sudden, Harry not only has a child he's never once mentioned before, but this child is old enough to a child of their own, who is himself old enough to have become a police officer? Sorry, don't buy it. Plus, if this was a Dirty Harry movie, you don't release it in December anymore. You hold it until the summer months, when action films have a better play-off.
OK, they have a point about that. However its not outside of the realm of possibility that this might still be the case. Of course, its going to be a huge let-down if its not the return of Dirty Harry.


According to Movieweb, a friend of theirs is an employee for Malpaso, Eastwood's production company and they say that the rumor is true. This is, indeed the return of Harry Callahan and the story the writer sent to AICN is pretty accurate to what is being done.

Movieweb also states that shooting has already started in order to make the December 08 release date.

As always, stay tuned.


Jillian said...

Well if they do wind up doing another movie, I'd be up for watching it!

Anonymous said...

Yeah yeah yeah! Like "Unforgiven," but for Dirty Harry!

Oh man I hope its true.

Anonymous said...

I really hope it's true. The fact that no one has been able to get a denial makes me wonder...

It's also worth noting that movieweb has also claimed that the it's a final Dirty Harry:

I also disagree with the logic that such a film would have to be released in Summer. Even if true, it's unlikely to be the type of noisy action film modern audiences are used to.

It would probably be closer to the level of violence in Eastwood's last cop film, Blood Work. They released that one in August and it tanked.

A few other notable factors:

-The first four Dirty Harry films were all released in December.

-The Dead Pool was a summer release, and was the only sequel which failed to gross more than its previous entry.

-Rocky Balboa appealed to a similar demographic (read: older, nostalgiac) and became a solid December hit.

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