Indy Mogul's 4 Minute Film School

Indy Mogul is a couple of guys putting together tutorials and suggestions on how to shoot amateur/independent video on a low or zero budget. I've been a closet fan of theirs for a while now and its time I came out of the closet.

uh...I mean about how much I love these guys.

OK, not "LOVE" in the homoerotic, "I wanna jump your bones" kind of love, but love in the "yeah, these guys are cool and do some cool stuff" love.

OK, I've said way too much.

Here's a video of the guys showing how to accomplish some classic "film noir" looks for your amateur videos. Really good stuff here:

EDITOR'S NOTE: It would be a little slice of heaven if the fine folks at BLOGGER could get off their fat asses and stop patting themselves on the back for implementing the latest ability to translate your blog into Swahili, or whatever and fix the damn scroll down function of the "edit template" tab so that I could actually add the Indy Mogul logo to my freaking sidebar. C'mon guys, fix the damn thing already!

Update: Almost as soon as I posted this, they seemed to have fixed the scrolling problem. Someone's reading the Morgue!

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