The Incredible Hulk: Marvel's Marvel or Universal Flop

The trailer for the new Summer blockbuster "The Incredible Hulk" has been released into theaters this weekend. Which means that there is now a flood of hype surrounding the new film.

All the geeks are talking about the film like its going to be the most impressive cinematic marvel in the history of motion pictures. And while I would love to be able to be so excited over a movie, I cannot help but think that its going to be nothing more than a CGI-laden, underwritten and over produced nothing of a film. Thanks to the millions of dollars spent by Universal in promoting it and the incessant ramblings of the voracious fan-boys eating up whatever table scraps the studio tosses them, there is no question that the film will be a box office hit. At least on opening weekend.

But then, word of mouth will spread from the first people who waited in line to watch it that the trailer is more exciting than the film itself. And like the comic book's previous big-screen flick that was foisted upon the entertainment-starved masses five years ago, this film will quickly fall from grace, dissappearing into the bargin sale displays next to checkout stands in grocery stores.

I am no longer wowed by computer generated imagery. I dont care that some amazingly detailed and believable stuff can be constructed and presented using a huge amount of ones and zeros.

A film should be able to stand up on the strength of its script and not by eye candy.

Watch the trailer in High Definition and tell me I'm wrong.


Acadia said...

Nice review. I always thought Hulk was lame, but I have always been a DC guy anyway.

Magpies Zone said...

Hi judge, it seems that you're not the one who is into any science fiction movies :)

capybara said...

I like what you said about this film, it looks to be over hyped to me. I love Sci Fi movies but this one does not get the juices flowing.

lankapo said...

When it's too CGI, and no strong story line, it will flop.
Just look at Spiderman,
even the hero is not that hot,
spidey sometime look like a cartoon but with good and strong character plus a great storyline, make me feel I wanna be a superhero someday hehe

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