Hollywood News: Weekend Box Office Recap

As we predicted, the card counting movie "21" was the number one spot in the box office this weekend, clearing $23 million. Meanwhile "Horton" finally heard the sound of second place as it drops 29% and out of the top spot.

"Superhero Movie" came in third, which is about as good as you could expect from an over-done niche genre like spoof films. The fact that it was done by the guys that did the Naked Gun films (and of course, Airplane) was its only saving grace.

"Meet the Browns" plummets 61% from its opening weekend to land in 4th place and despite six pack abs and a lot of over-acting, the stylized anti-war drama "Stop Loss" opened in a depressing 8th spot to take home $4.2 Mil.

Also as predicted, "Semi-Pro" is nowhere to be found in the top 20. Proving that Will Ferrell's funny factor is about 3 weeks long and not much more.

Here's the top 10 from this weekend:

1 (new) 21 - $23,700,000
2 (1) Horton Hears a Who - $17,425,000
3 (new) Superhero Movie - $9,510,000
4 (2) Meet the Browns - $7,760,000
5 (4) Drillbit Taylor - $5,800,000
6 (3) Shutter - $5,325,000
7 (5) 10,000 B.C. - $4,880,000
8 (new) Stop-Loss - $4,525,000
9 (7) College Road Trip - $3,505,000
10 (8) The Bank Job - $2,800,000

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