Hollywood News: Weekend Box Office Recap

"Horton" wins the weekend as predicted and the Dr. Seuss film was the number one in the land, with a $45 million weekend opening. "Never Back Down," The martial art flick cleared $8 mill to take third place.

The big loser for the weekend was 10,000 B.C.. It's box office take sank 54% from its opening weekend. Its the biggest drop among the three films that have been out for 10 days and the biggest drop for the top 10.

Honestly, theres a lot of crappy movies out right now. Even though the MPAA is happy to see that numbers are up for the year, and people are going to movies more than they did at this time last year, there are just no movies out that make me really excited about seeing them. Is this just a lull before the Summer box office onslaught begins, or is this an indication of the kind of crap Hollywood can deliver and get away with?

Here's the top ten for the weekend.

1 (new) Horton Hears a Who $45,100,000
2 (1) 10,000 B.C. $16,415,000
3 (new) Never Back Down $8,610,000
4 (2) College Road Trip $7,893,000
5 (3) Vantage Point $5,400,000
6 (4) The Bank Job $4,910,000
7 (new) Doomsday $4,743,200
8 (5) Semi-Pro $2,975,000
9 (7) The Other Boleyn Girl $2,900,000
10 (6) The Spiderwick Chronicles $2,390,000

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