Hollywood News: Weekend Box Office Recap

As expected this weekend, Roland Emmerich's epic prehistoric flick took the number one spot at the box office, despite being a mostly worthless contrived and downright terrible movie. (7% fresh at Rottentomatoes.) One critic said that it was "the kind of movie that people will discover new and hilarious ways to mock for years to come." Ouch!

Meanwhile, Disney's "College Road Trip" wasnt much better and took second, mostly because there wasn't anything better to watch.

And if the numbers are any indication, most of America seems to have had enough of Will Ferrell's particular brand of stupid as "Semi Pro" dropped almost 62% from its opening weekend a week ago to fall to 4th place.

Here's the top ten from this weekend.

1 (new) 10,000 B.C. $35,730,000
2 (new) College Road Trip $14,000,000
3 (2) Vantage Point $7,500,000
4 (1) Semi-Pro $5,750,000
5 (new) The Bank Job $5,710,000
6 (3) The Spiderwick Chronicles $4,800,000
7 (4) The Other Boleyn Girl $4,000,000
8 (5) Jumper $3,750,000
9 (6) Step Up 2 the Streets $3,049,000
10 (7) Fool's Gold $2,800,000

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