Hollywood News: Weekend Box Office Recap

It's a pretty slow movie weekend when the number one film grosses only $15 million. Regardless, Will Ferrell's pasty, pudgy hairy ass in short shorts was enough to win him the number one spot as recently defunct New Line's comedy goes out with a fizzle.

Vantage Point comes in second at $13 million.

Think winning an Oscar is good for your box office take? Just look at "No Country for Old Men." Miramax added a little under 1,000 screens and their numbers went up 66% from last weekend.

Not surprisingly, Larry the Cable Guy's witless flick was the big loser this weekend. It dropped 52% from opening weekend to clear an even $1 mil. I don't know what's worse: the fact that the film exists in the first place or the fact that the movie was seen by enough people to make a million bucks in its second weekend. Its scary to think that Lionsgate might actually consider this a success.

Here's the top 10:

1 (new) Semi-Pro $15,311,000
2 (1) Vantage Point $13,000,000
3 (2) The Spiderwick Chronicles $8,752,000
4 (new) The Other Boleyn Girl $8,300,000
5 (3) Jumper $7,600,000
6 (4) Step Up 2 the Streets $5,714,000
7 (5) Fool's Gold $4,690,000
8 (new) Penelope $4,006,028
9 (12) No Country for Old Men $4,005,000
10 (8) Juno $3,350,000

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