Hollywood News: Could the New Mummy Film Actually Be Good?

I've been following director Rob Cohen's blog on the third "Mummy" sequel he's been working on. Principal photography wrapped in December and Rob has been locked up in an edit suite pouring over the thousands of shots to crank out something that will draw good numbers in the theaters. Every now and then, Rob sends out an update and his latest post seems to suggest that the film might actually be worth seeing (at least according to studio execs that saw a rough cut):

I have shown the film to the exec’s at Universal and they are through-the-roof ecstatic. We screened a few weeks ago for all the relevant department heads (home video, distribution, foreign, p.r., marketing, etc.) and the reaction was unanimous. It’s running around 1 hr. 53 minutes and, daily as we hone, it’s taking its final shape. The studio has been very collaborative and supportive. You know they love it when they ask you if you need any more money to enhance the visual effects budget!!! Are there more shots that I want to do but didn’t have the money to do?!!! Of course, the answer is yes; there is never enough to entertain the audience in any film. That kind of support from Chairmen Marc Shmuger and David Linde, President Donna Langley, and V.P.’s Jeff Kirschenbaum and Erik Baiers is rare in Hollywood so I am very pleased all the way around.

Rob says that a teaser trailer was cut and showed to theater owners at ShowWest in Vegas two weeks ago and it seemed to get a favorable response.

Can Cohen breathe new life into the withering Mummy franchise and score a success at the box office, or is this merely enthusiasm on the part of someone so deep into the project that he doesnt know which way is up?

I am sure we will be getting more iformation about this as we get closer to the release date.

For more information and a lot of insight into the filmmaking process, check out Rob's blog.

And as always, stay tuned.


Jillian said...

I read that Jet Li is going to play The Mummy this time. I'm already sold.

The Judge said...

act of watching the terra cotta army turn into an army of the undead sounds intriquing. From what Rob has said, Jet Li really seemed to do a fantastic job (although shots I've seen of him riding a horse just made me laugh)

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